Genshin Impact 5.0 Leaks: New Characters and Exciting Features

Genshin Impact’s major update, Genshin Impact 5.0, is next on the list. However, before its official announcement, some potential leaks and rumors were circulating in the Genshin Impact community. Three new 5-star and one 4-star character will be available in banners in the upcoming 5.0. If you’re short on Genshin Genesis crystals, you can buy these from U7BUY, which will speed up your progress and help you get all new characters in Genshin Impact 5.0.

As for the new region potentially coming into Genshin Impact 5.0, it is Natlan, which, unlike other areas, will be different. Also, a few new nation creatures will be part of Natlan; among them is Xbalanque, depicted as a dragon-like entity alongside Pyro Archon, who primarily acts as a colonizer. These rumors are mainly from the community but are trusted, so we cannot expect 100%. However, the update will cover 50- 70% of the leaks.

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Let’s dive into the details of these new additions and what you can expect in this massive update.

Genshin Impact 5.0 New Characters

The leak comes from Foul, that very old Genshin Impact player, who mostly remains active on Reddit, shared in a post that 3 characters are coming to Genshin Impact. First is a 5-Star Dendro character that will use Claymore, next is a female 5-Star Hydro  Character that will possess Catalyst, and last but not least 3rd, female 4-Star Geo characters that use Polearm Will be added to the game’s roster.

Five-Star Male Dendro Claymore User

  • Character Overview: An entirely new character, not Dori.
  • Abilities: As a Dendro Claymore user, expect powerful attacks and versatile gameplay.
  • Context: We have only four Dendro five-star characters, making this addition intriguing.

Five-Star Female Hydro Catalyst User

  • Character Overview: Another new face in the game.
  • Abilities: Hydro Catalyst users are known for their ranged magic attacks and elemental skills.
  • Context: Adding more variety to the Hydro element characters.

Four-Star Female Geo Polearm User

  • Character Speculation: It will likely be Ienzen, based on previous teasers.
  • Abilities: Geo Polearm users combine defensive capabilities with powerful strikes.
  • Context: Continue introducing characters featured in the Teyvat preview trailer. It makes the world more interactive and cinematic​​.

Nathan Region and Everything You Need to Know

The Catalan region is expected to have a performing-art-centered design philosophy, which will

New Gameplay Mechanics:

Nathan will introduce volcanic steam cannons for long-distance travel, adding a dynamic travel method similar to other traversal mechanics​​​​. Mounts will be available, although it’s unclear whether they will be usable outside Nathan​​.

Character Level Cap Increase

The maximum character level will be increased from 90 to 100, though details on the materials and time required for this upgrade are still unknown​​.

Pyro Archon Details: New skins for characters like Sucrose and Amber are also being developed to add a cohesive aesthetic to their designs​​.


This update promises to bring fresh dynamics and exciting new characters to Genshin Impact. These tidbits, mainly from the loyal Genshin Impact Community, may not always be accurate, but judging and mixing all their latest rumors, these early leaks have mostly proved right. We can trust these, but we still have to wait for the official announcement from Hoyoverse or for Genshin Impact 5.0 to be released.

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